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Love your blog. Looking forward to a new post soon.

done! :-)

The Road - by Cormac McCarthy

Well, I have just finished reading this. And what a powerful image it portrays! If you are after an action packed book -this is not the one for you. But if you want something thought provoking, emotionally shattering and full of all that human kind is capable of  - then this is it!

It is set in post-apocalyptic America and is the story of a boy and his father. And that’s about all I’m gonna tell you. But it portrays the world as I hope it never becomes, and yet it is a world that is all too easy to imagine considering the way we treat our planet and our fellow man!

It is an easy read, and I would encourage you to give it a go - especially if you are looking for something a little bit different from the norm.

Friends are like walls. Sometimes you need to lean on them, and sometimes it’s just enough to know they are there!

From a friends blog

Family visit

Well it has been a busy as week. My brother, his wife, my niece and my brothers in laws (5 people in total) have all just been over for a visit! And it was FANTASTIC. The first couple of days the weather wasn’t so great, but for the last 5 it was awesome.  We didn’t do a lot - we walked on the beach, built sand castles, had brunch, followed by lunch, followed by afternoon beers, then maybe a swim or just carry on til dinner. Relaxing, and awesome fun!

Coco and I watched princess movies, and curious George, and got to know each other again —- that wee princess has me twisted around her little finger! It was awesome, and so gutting when they all left :-( She is such a bundle of energy and such a good girl. 

And she has Uncle Mikey wrapped around her finger too - even though she told him several times a day that he was “naughty”! Made me smile every time.  

The house held up well, and is big enough that the extra people just fit in nicely. Having two spare rooms is such a luxury - and having two tv areas helps too. Haven’t actually downloaded any photos to this computer yet, so expect some to follow soon.

Visited many cafes while they were here, and will post the reviews soon, so stay turned ….

New House.

Well, it has been about a month since I last posted anything. And what a month it has been. We have finally bitten the bullet and rented a house in Hervey Bay. And what a lovely place it is - well, will be once we finally get ourselves all moved in. It is 4 bedrooms upstairs, studio and office downstairs (for the pro photographer), a separate garage, front and rear decks and a pool with spa!

The week that we took over the house, I had to make an emergency trip up to Cairns, and then have basically been working almost every day since! We have managed to make a couple of trips down to Brisbane to bring stuff up from our storage unit. But two trailer loads, one hired ute load and two x-trail packed trips later …. and there is still more to get! Where has all this stuff come from???

Still, we are slowly getting there! And it is a public holiday tomorrow and we both have the day off - so it will be house blitz time! We actually have a bed there now, and have spent the last two nights there … and the girls are loving the fact that they are allowed out for the first time in about 5 months!

The incentive is strong to get going as we must get the house sorted before the visitors come … yay! Visitors!! First up we have a friend coming for a night next weekend, then my brother, sister-in-law, niece and my bro’s in-laws are all coming for a week … awesome!! Then two mates from Brisbane a couple of weeks after that, then friends from NZ in Sept, and then at the end of September Margy is coming for a week, and a couple of friends from Mackay are coming sometime in there too …. it’s like we suddenly became popular!

Suspect it is as much to do with being in such a lovely spot, and having a nice house with a pool just two blocks from the beach, as with being the super cool and popular people we are!

Will post pics when I can.

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